We are a remarkable team of training & operational experts with recognized leadership experience for more than 27 years.  We offer our clients a complete solution in organizational alignment and leadership development to increase Customer Service, Employee Retention and Sales Growth. As a complementary service, we offer a no-cost discovery session where we will determine your organization’s training and leadership most pressing issues, so we may have a starting point to discuss the possible training and leadership solutions.

We are founded on the principle that a company’s greatest investment is in people. We perform with expert know-how and thought-through strategies that integrate and align your workforce. According to research conducted by Gallup, disengaged employees cost companies $450-to-$550 billion in lost productivity each year as a result of poor performance and high absenteeism. The good news is that we can help address these challenges and help:

Deliver solid execution

Boost productivity.

Improve customer loyalty.

Increase sales performance.

Increase employee retention.

Improve performance management 


·        Sales & Marketing

·        Team Building & Employee Alignment

·        Management & Leadership

·        Employee Retention

·        Goals & Strategy

·        Latino Emerging Market & Sales

·        Customer Service

·        Organization Moral & Culture



Customized Training Workshops- to meet your organization´s specific needs, as well as measurement of its impact.

SADE-OLOGY TEAM ASSESSMENT – Tool provides an essential evaluation of abilities, knowledge, skills, team interaction, and performance management.


Discovery Sessions with your organization’s leadership – Creates a synergy that addresses real dysfunctions and helps focus on the type of training and operational alignment that is most pressing.

PROFESSIONAL BALANCE ASSESSMENT – Tool helps leaders manage their team’s professional and interpersonal skills. These skills can ensure that everyone is on the same page about what is expected within the workplace and provide managers with the tools they need to successfully lead.


Training and management-alignment supported by the SADE Operational Model.  Serves as the basis for employee engagement, communication and motivation. For many workshops, we provide this SADE Operational Model book as a course companion.


LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT – Tool shows, in a constructive way, just what kind of leadership skills people have. It empowers leaders to effectively manage people to improve workplace communication and prepare employees for success.

Workshops are delivered in either a classroom, team, or individual setting.  It can be trained over one, two, or it can be spread out according to a schedule that best meets your organization´s needs. 


Eight Signature Training Areas – over 50+ training workshops that will Improving skills, gain knowledge and develop the marketable skills necessary to maintain and grow the business.

Never a Lecture – Participants learn by doing.  Each training is implemented with, TREAT Learning Methodology;  Technique driven, Reflective on the lesson, Experiential learning, Applicable on the job & includes Testing for proficiency.  


Customized Your Corporate University – We will create your very own Corporate University. A powerful tool for your organization to get a better grasp at continuing education and compliance training.

Learning Agreement – Learning agreements are created between Managers and Employees. Learning agreements will hold team s accountable for results.


Just in Time Compliance Training – We cover Haz Mat, Safety , and Sexual harassment Training. We know the importance of getting this type of training on schedule. We alleviate the pressure of exposing your employees and company to risk.

Same-page Key Performance Indicators – We adapt your KPIs to set score and measure ROI.

Training & Operational Expert Facilitators – We perform with expert know-how and thought-through strategies that integrate and align your workforce to be more productive and perform with a greater sense of belonging.



Higher levels of employee engagement

An average of 30% KPI higher performance improvement.

An average of 32% employee retention improvement

An average of 15% sales growth

A more connected workforce

A greatly improved organizational morale based on employee survey results




It works because it creates a clear game plan for employee integration and a playbook for leadership development and everyday execution.  The operational improvement journey takes individuals through a process in three phases: learn, earn, return.

Get started with a 90-minute discovery session with your leadership team and a CreateINterest training specialist. There is no charge for this meeting and no obligation.  Go to www.createinterest.comt to get started.  We Train, You Win.


Why does CreateINterest exist?

We believe productivity improvement through training transforms leaders to achieve set goals & success.


What is CreateINterest Vision?

Leaders are empowered to facilitate business growth and increase the value of each member of their team to perform above expectations.


What is CreateINterest Mission?

Provide memorable training to professionals that will improve the way they lead teams towards success.


What are CreateINterest Core Values?

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Coaching, Enthusiasm, Integrity, Determination, Commitment.


CreateINterest has crafted a unique selling opportunity for business partners, network alliances, and association clients. This opportunity empowers them to promote and sell our flagship product, SADE Leadership Operational Training, while retaining a 20% share of the revenue. The SADE Leadership Operational Model Program is a comprehensive 6–9-month initiative designed to assist clients in enhancing their businesses. Historical data suggests that when implemented correctly, with accountability flowing from the top, businesses can achieve an additional 18–20% growth due to the enhanced skills it instills in participants. SADE Training brings out the best to improve managers’ effectiveness in leading, managing, and coaching their workforce.

Moises Solis can introduce these concepts in a keynote sales call, setting the stage for you to follow up and close the deal. Additionally, we provide customized follow-up emails tailored to your organization. These emails may include a video featuring Moises alongside your CEO or President. The SADE Operational Training program is priced at $15,000, with your commission standing at $3,000. This partnership not only enables your association to make a substantial profit but also provides your partners with the innovative and exciting training content they seek to grow their business. To create a tailored campaign for your organization, we encourage you to speak with one of our account executives today.


Moises Solis – Founder and CEO

Moises Solis is the founder and brand boss of CreateINterest, specializing in organizational training performance. He has held roles as the Chairman of the Board for Empresarios Latinos of Houston and being a mentor for Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Houston. Moises is author of the innovative books, The SADE Operational Model, Getting on Board the SADE Model, Putting the SADE Model to Work, and Front and Upward Thinking, He is a career coach and skill trainer with over 21 years of experience in working for fortune 500 corporations in sales and management.

Throughout Moises’ career, he realized that his greatest impact on organizations is to help guide career minded professionals to build enduring results – the kind that creates increased credibility, influence, and bottom-line results. Moises’ training and coaching career now benefits many individual clients, group associations and businesses. He is frequently sought as a training specialist and productivity coach, as well as a speaker. His uncanny sense of picking up behavioral traits from successful professionals has benefited many. His audiences often say that Moises has great ability to translate complex concepts into a step-by-step framework – suitable to those who want practical ideas on creating meaningful professional brand-differentiation and bottom-line results.

It is rare to find a coach, speaker, and skill trainer like Moises, who blends passion with smart experiential practice and intelligent articulation of how to get things done.


Michael Allen – Vice President of Training Operations

Michael Allen joined CreateINterest in 2020. With over 15 years of organizational leadership and management experience. His love for people and their development is what drove Michael to join the CreateINterest team. Michael’s expertise is in organizational development and agile methodology help organizations see and understand their potential within and in the marketplace. His past roles include chief executive officer, chief operating officer, senior consultant, and congressional candidate. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.


Carol Clemente – Director of Process Improvement

Carol Clemente is a dedicated and passionate implementer and facilitator of continuous improvement methodologies. She became a part of CreateINterest in 2018, aiming to enhance the team’s capabilities in process management. Carol is instrumental in delivering resources and process optimization for our clients, leveraging her strengths in simplifying complexity into opportunities for synergy and organizational integration. Her exceptional teamwork is characterized by the use of rigorous logic and methods to create process improvements and conduct operational risk analysis.


Scott Creger, Regional Market Vice President

Scott is a results-driven learning and development professional specializing in a diverse range of employee development training strategies. With over 15 years of experience in leadership, sales, customer service, and people management, Scott boasts a distinguished track record in acquiring new business, account management, and fostering successful client relations.

A proud member of the Association of Talent Development and an ATD Certified Trainer, Scott has excelled as a training specialist. His career is marked by high-energy training facilitation that enhances employee skill sets and influences behaviors. He achieves this by identifying learning needs and crafting effective training strategies.

Scott distinguishes himself as a champion of change, utilizing root cause analysis to identify employee skills gaps. His innovative thinking is evident in the application of training materials and adult learning concepts. What sets Scott apart is his passion for discovering new opportunities and solutions. He looks beyond current practices, offering a unique perspective and proactively seeking new ways to improve processes, thereby boosting employee and organizational performance.

CreateINterest benefits significantly from Scott’s ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships. He takes his role as a learning and development professional personally, contributing to the organization’s success with his expertise and personal commitment.



Brianna Solis – Training Operations Manager

Brianna holds the role of Training Operations Manager of Products and Content at CreateINterest, overseeing brand content, marketing content, and training logistics. Her responsibilities encompass the strategic management of various facets crucial to the company’s operations.

Before joining CreateINterest, Brianna demonstrated her operational prowess as the Operational Manager at Wizchimp, a leading digital marketing and advertising agency. This experience equipped her with valuable insights into the dynamic realm of online marketing and further refined her managerial skills.

Brianna’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston, where she proudly graduated as a member of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. This educational background complements her practical experience, positioning Brianna as a well-rounded professional capable of steering the Training Operations division with a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset.


Brendy Ta – Account Manager
Brendy Ta, Joined CreateINterest in 2022 as an Account Manager. She serves as the vital link between customers and business stakeholders. Her primary responsibility is to address client inquiries and requests efficiently and effectively, aiming to build and fortify long-term partnerships.

Brendy initiated her career in the Oil & Gas industry, gaining valuable experience working across various teams as a Buyer and Business Analyst. Throughout this journey, she developed a specialization in identifying gaps within the business. Her approach involves maintaining strong relationships to ensure optimal resource utilization and streamline process inefficiencies.

Brendy’s academic background includes the completion of her undergraduate degree at the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, accompanied by locally recognized certificates in Strategic Sourcing, Advanced Analytics, and Energy Supply Management. This educational foundation enhances her ability to contribute effectively to her role as an Account Manager.


Hilda Solis – Client Relationship Manager

As a Client Relationship Manager at CreateINterest, Hilda plays a pivotal role in nurturing and sustaining positive connections between the company and its clients. In her professional capacity, she is tasked with effectively managing client relationships, comprehending their needs, and ensuring their satisfaction with the products or services offered. Hilda serves as a crucial liaison between clients and the business, adeptly addressing concerns, resolving issues, and facilitating communication.

Her commitment extends beyond immediate problem-solving; Hilda focuses on cultivating enduring, mutually beneficial relationships that contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of both clients and the organization.


John Brooks – Sales Representative
John Brooks became a Sales Representative at CreateINterest in 2022. His role involves leveraging his exceptional ability to cultivate enduring relationships, making him a valuable asset for the organization. John approaches his position as a Sales Representative with a personal commitment to learning, contributing significantly to CreateINterest’s success through his expertise and dedicated efforts.


Rosie Mendoza – Senior Sales Representative
Rosie Mendoza assumed the role of Senior Sales Representative at CreateINterest in 2020. In this capacity, her responsibilities include harnessing her exceptional talent for cultivating enduring relationships with clients, underscoring her value as a crucial asset for the organization. Rosie approaches her role as a Sales Representative with a dedicated commitment to personal learning, making substantial contributions to CreateINterest’s success through her expertise and unwavering efforts.


Norman Ritchi – Sales Representative

Norman who joined CreateINterest in 2023 as a Sales Representative, embodies energy and dynamism in his role. With a fervent desire for success, Norman approaches his position with a blend of creativity and innovation. His contributions to CreateINterest’s success are marked by his expertise and unwavering dedication, making him an instrumental force within the organization.


Dzyan Cortes – Director of Operations, Mexico
In his capacity as the Director of Training Operations for CreateINterest in Mexico, Dzyan Cortes assumes a pivotal role in spearheading the implementation and development of operational processes, adeptly managing commercial contracts, and diligently overseeing corporate services within the Mexican market. Backed by a demonstrable track record in effective leadership, meticulous team development, and exemplary client service, Dzyan takes the helm in driving initiatives to not only establish but also sustain enduring business relationships that cater to a wide spectrum of training requirements.


Why does CreateINterest exist?

We believe productivity improvement through training transforms leaders to achieve set goals & success.


What is CreateINterest Vision?

Leaders are empowered to facilitate business growth and increase the value of each member of their team to perform above expectations.


What is CreateINterest Mission?

Provide memorable training to professionals that will improve the way they lead teams towards success.


What are CreateINterest Core Values?

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Coaching, Enthusiasm, Integrity, Determination, Commitment.

Hello, I am SADE. For many businesses, running a small business turns out differently than they imagined. Poor management skills make the operation stressful, leaving employees feeling discouraged and confused. With CreateINterest, I provide managers with 5 superpowers to help grow their business. This way, your managers can facilitate business growth and achieve dependable, predictable results.

With our training in hand, you can stop drowning in the training details and spend more time doing the things you truly love- in your business and your life.

In our SADE training, managers will learn how to:

·       Use SADE’s superpowers from casting goals to strategy for the team to achieve.

·       Clarify what it’s going to take to reach successful outcomes.

·       Install a sales and service framework that makes business grow.

·       Optimize team effort.

·       Run a management and productivity playbook that aligns your entire team.


Effective corporate training is the direct route to lasting success for organizations. In the modern, hyper-competitive age, training does wonders for organizations and their leaders, helping them become agile and adaptive. CreateINterest corporate training uses its client’s tangible metrics to measure results an become a stepping stone to greater productivity, reduced staff turnover, and improved customer loyalty.

CreateINterest is at the forefront of enhancing the effectiveness of corporate teams and facilitating business growth with interactive, customized, and impactful training plans.

It empowers leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for improving performance, with a strategic focus on sales, team member engagement, customer service, process improvement, and other management skills.

CreateINterest offers its training solutions in the form of live, onsite workshops and online courses.

“We partner with organizations to move their performance needle in the right direction,” says Moises Solis, founder and CEO of CreateINterest. “We engage with our clients by becoming them in their vision, language, and direction to develop, manage, and deliver training programs that precisely align with their needs and produce tangible results.”

Clients come to CreateINterest with a variety of challenges, such as low employee retention, slow sales growth, or under performance by teams. All stem from the absence of a true learning roadmap that focuses on training and its execution. There is a significant gap between their management initiatives and growth.

CreateINterest provides competency-based training by identifying clients’ challenges and needs at each level of management so that they can help their teams progress toward their goals.

For instance, at lower management levels, CreateINterest provides specific training programs to help supervisors focus on communicating with and motivating their team members. At the next level, managers are enabled to create a better strategy and master the basics of team alignment. At a higher level, SADE helps the leaders become better coaches to help managers set a strong vision and goals to ensure employees move in the right direction.

SADE and TREAT are CreateINterest’s success ingredients to deliver its valuable training solutions, CreateINterest uses two in-house methodologies, the SADE (strategy, alignment, development, execution) model and the TREAT (Task driven training, Reflective on the lesson, Experiential learning by doing, Applicable learning to the job, and Tested for proficiency) learning methodology.

Its managerial training curriculum is based on the principles of SADE, as specified in the book, The SADE Operational Model. This book serves as the basis for defining strategy, employee engagement, and execution, SADE drives it all.

When clients want to learn more about how CreateINterest will help their team succeed, CreateINterest starts with a 90-minute discovery session with a client’s leadership team to understand their training goals and objectives. This free pre-assessment identifies the client’s current key performance indicators (KPI) in their progression toward organizational transformation. In most cases, the KPIs are either based on sales or service.

With a clear understanding of the client’s culture, KPIs, and long-term vision, the gaps that stall their growth are discovered. The team articulates its findings to the client and explains how its custom training program can tackle the issues and enhance employee competencies.

Managers have access to the customized competencies in an online table of contents they can view in an interactive tree format powered by FreeFuse. They can choose topics relevant to them, such as leadership, management coaching, employee morale, and teamwork.

Once the training program is strategized and developed, CreateINterest leverages TREAT to provide in-classroom coaching. Expert facilitators demonstrate the technique and help trainees assimilate the lessons for practical applications while engaging them in hands-on learning experiences.

The customized lessons can be applied to day-to-day work activities. As the final step, CreateINterest uses KPIs to measure training effectiveness during and after the training, comparing it to benchmarks measured prior to training.

 Through TREAT, CreateINterest also delivers compliance training. Various risk factors and their relevance in working environments are explained to ensure training sessions are interactive and experiential.

To ensure the training is truly successful, CreateINterest enables learners to retain and reflect on what they’ve learned. Managers are taught how to hold performance meetings and are evaluated based on what was taught in training sessions.

Whether it is supervisors, managers or team leaders in corporate companies, Create Interest helps trainees apply their learning and realize desired outcomes. “Through our courses, we ensure trainees strengthen their commitment to take away important practical knowledge and execute them in the moment of truth,” says Moises Solis founder of CreateINterest.

CreateINterest also executes a “learning agreement” between training program participants and their supervisors. By signing the agreement, participants are committed to practice their newly learned lessons. Clients are offered all the support they need throughout the partnership and have expressed great appreciation for it.

The following are client’s case studies of how CreateINterest has helped them align to best execute:


Increasing Sales and Customer Growth

Through Personal Presence and Influence.




An American Mutual Life Insurance Company serving five million clients. MassMutual financial professionals use a four-step sales process of analyzing, recommending, implementing, and reviewing customers’ strategy to help them achieve their life and financial goals. MassMutual’s success depends on the ability of sales leaders to manage employees and advisors to influence current and potential customers. 



MassMutual needed to increase sales, customer retention, and competitive advantage.

MassMutual’s sales managers were not effectively leading their sales teams and coaching sales best practices. MassMutual was seeking advanced sales training to deliver customer-centric solutions and wanted to develop their manager’s leadership presence and coaching skills to better prepare them to successfully lead their sales teams.



Leadership Presence Workshops: A total of 6 hands-on leadership development sessions focused on leadership presence, coaching, and accountability were recommended. The development program supported efforts to build a culture for sales coaching and drive continuous improvement.


Sales Process Execution Workshop: Engaged participants in role playing, problem solving, brainstorming, and team exercises.  Workshop delivered a combination of applications, intensive coaching, and feedback, with focus on a consultative selling strategy. 


Influential Factors Workshop: Built influential skills through communication, active listening, exercising empathy, and emotional intelligence.


Customer Collaboration Workshop: Focused on the practice of listening to customers and acting on their input to everyone’s benefit. Delivered to improve customer experience so customers can make purchases services that are relevant to their needs.



12% sales increase in first 4 weeks.

18% sustainable sales growth in the first 2 quarters.

20% average customer growth per sales team. 

100% execution of new sale strategy. 



According to J.K. McAndrews, President,

MassMutual Greater Houston.

“The skills coached on leadership presence transformed the management team and the influential techniques made my sales team highly effective. The high energy interactive workshops made every employee excited to attend the next session and contributed towards overall engagement. We’ve been able to hit higher targets every quarter.”  



Improving Sales Maximization and Communication Service Through Management Development And Enhanced Interpersonal Skills.



Bold Sales Solutions, INC.

A leading provider of call center services dedicated to providing sales and customer services meant to increase sales, test unknown markets, and develop customer relationships. BSS uses distinct metrics and a delegated team sales process to achieve organizational success and is composed of departmental sales teams responsible for each step of the sales process. 



Lack of clarity in defined roles and responsibilities, preventing the maximization of outbound sales.


Bold Sales Solutions reported a misalignment between departmental sales managers and the overall sales strategy. Bold Sales Solutions was looking to maximize sales opportunities, increase closure rate, and effectively align the sales managers to overall business goals. The sales managers lacked the training and skills development to effectively communicate and collaborate with one another.



Management & Leadership Training: Create Interest designed and delivered a management and leadership skills program consisting of 6 hands-on workshops to provide support to managers in functional areas and drive management performance. 


Management Meeting Initiatives: Research found sales managers spent more than 12% of their time attending ineffective internal meetings which equated to over 19 hours per month. CreateINterest improved BSS weekly management meeting effectiveness to incorporate, sharing of best practices, review of customer feedback, goals and problem solving.


Change Initiatives: Through collaborative efforts with sales management, CreateINterest designed one centralized document for better departmental communication to transfer customer information in the sales process. 


Functional Roles and Responsibilities Initiatives: CreateINterest worked with executive leadership to clearly define management roles and responsibilities that provided team efficiency, increased productivity, increased morale, and momentum.  Through clearly defined responsibilities, the management team learned to look beyond their own role to understand the unique contributions of others and to recognize that overall success of each team is a function of shared responsibility.



20% sales growth and increased sales maximization per BSS client.

33% reported an increase in overall team performance.

100% sales management alignment in the overall sales process.

25% increase in customer satisfaction.



 According to Jeremiah McClure, President,

 Bold Sales Solutions.

“CreateINterest’s management development workshops provided practical guidance and a memorable learning experience to help achieve sustained, employee sales performance, effective collaboration amongst the management team.  The practical techniques taught in the interactive team building activities were the answer we were looking for, and you could see the impact immediately.”



Increasing Employee Productivity and Teamwork Through Team Building and Leadership Development. 



The Law Office of Timothy S. Hart

A renowned law firm consisting of lawyers and staff members that advise clients about legal rights and responsibilities with a primary focus on representing clients in need of legal assistance with visas, residency, and citizenship. In order to sustain growth and caseload, lawyers have taken on leadership roles to manage client teams. 




The law firm reported a need for a healthier work culture where teams can share a common vision, work effectively across departments, and have the skills to produce constructive team collaboration. According to leadership, there was a clear lack of accountability in the firm which lead to low team morale, unclear priorities, ineffective execution, and low levels of trust.



Team Building Workshops: High impact and interactive team building workshops were delivered to improve communication and collaboration by encouraging staff to step out of their comfort zones and work with colleagues outside of their specialty, expertise, and level of seniority. The team-building exercises provided realistic experiences that empowered individuals to contribute to common goals, to help groups break down personal barriers.


Leadership Development Workshops: Served as a developmental process for leaders to achieve goals and to manage their teams more effectively. Leadership development is personalized, customized, and focuses on enhancing leadership skills for leaders at all levels. 


Effective Weekly Team Meetings: CreateINterest initiated pre-planned weekly organizational alignment meetings incorporating the use of a planned agenda to prioritize topics, employee recognition, team building activities, and team collaboration. Meetings consisted of metric dashboards, a meeting facilitator, and documented meeting follow up.


Engaging Daily Huddles: Create INterest introduced the use of departmental team morning huddles. Morning huddles are 15-minute standing meetings engaging all members in the discussion and delegation of tasks and addressing potential roadblocks. 



• 15 saved departmental labor hours per week. 

• 40k additional revenue generated in first 3 months .

• 7 % Productivity increase in client case handling. 

• 20% decreased employee turnover.



According to Nataly Cabrera, Senior Attorney,

Law Office of Timothy S. Hart.


“My team is more engaged and driven to accomplish our goals. The memorable team building workshops introduced new emerging leaders and our weekly team meetings keep everyone aligned from top to bottom.”



Elevating Employee Retention and Customer Service Through Onboarding, Skills Development, and Creating A Team Sense Of Belonging. 



First Transit, Inc.

A leading provider of public transportation contracting and management services in public and private transportation systems. First Transit has hands-on experience with every facet of transportation operations and administration. First Transit serves as a transportation partner with Metro in Houston Texas.



High employee turnover and low employee engagement.

First transit was seeking ways to increase employee retention and team engagement by creating a greater employee team sense of belonging. First Transit reported 70% of new hires were leaving the organization in the first 6 months and they calculated that each employee loss was costing them an average of $4,800. First Transit was looking for methods to improve employee engagement and customer service by delivering training programs that include interactive learning and employee service engagement.



Team Building Training: Effective teambuilding training was delivered to improve employee motivation through recognition programs and team collaboration. Team building activities were delivered into the workplace routine to motivate teams to work together, to develop strengths, to address weaknesses, and to encourage collaboration. 


Customer Service Soft Skills Workshops: CreateINterest designed and delivered effective training modules focusing on exceeding customers’ expectations using experiential learning methods, real-life scenario simulations, and traditional instructor led training. 


New Hire Onboarding & Orientation Training: Create INterest provided guidelines to make a memorable interactive orientation to provide clear direction on how to be successful in their job, using varied learning methods. In collaboration with leadership, a new hire training checklist was created that included an individual career roadmap. Planned new hire check-in meetings were developed to help new employees feel supported and to regularly review the new hire training program.


Employee Pre- and Post-Training Assessments: Assessments and surveys were built to track employees’ training progress, needed skills, sense of belonging, and morale.



35% Increase in overall retention.

70% Increase in new hire (6 month) retention. 

90% of managers surveyed reported “a more engaged workplace”. 

25% Increase in Metro Customer Service Score.



According to Randy Hendrickson, General Manager, First Transit,

Former Chairman & CEO Eli Lilly & Company

“By building a culture of belonging, employees feel more at home in the workplace emotionally and culturally and they’re more likely to stay. CreateINterest’s interactive approach to customer service training was precisely what we were looking for to increase employee engagement and morale.”



Ensuring Continued Growth through Practical Application CreateINterest’s training solutions have been instrumental in helping clients take work performance to the next level.

One of its clients, Speech Improvement Center—a Los Angeles-based private practice—was struggling for more than six months to retain employees. CreateINterest stepped in and discovered the areas that needed reinforcement to boost employee retention and accelerate organizational growth. By creating and implementing a performance-based learning structure that focuses on customer service, teamwork, business growth, and reinvestment, the competencies managers need to help employees grow were identified. Employees were able to see a good future in the organization, with the ability to continue learning and improve themselves.

As a result, Speech Improvement Center increased their retention rate from 33 to 77 percent. They grew from seven centers to a current 27, while witnessing significant improvement in performance and customer service scores.

On another occasion, CreateINterest partnered with First Transit, Inc, a leading provider of public transportation contracting and management services. First transit reported 70 percent of new hires were leaving the organization in the first 6 months and they calculated that each employee loss was costing them an average of $4,800. The client was looking for methods to improve employee retention and engagement and enhance customer service by delivering training programs that include interactive learning and employee service engagement.

CreateINterest provided the client with effective teambuilding training to improve employee motivation through recognition programs and team collaboration. It designed and delivered training modules for exceeding customer expectations using experiential learning methods, real-life scenario simulations, and traditional instructor-led training. CreateINterest provided guidelines to make a memorable, interactive orientation to help new employees succeed in their career. It also built pre- and post-training assessments and surveys track employees’ training progress, needed skills, sense of belonging, and morale. As a result, First Transit witnessed a 35 percent increase in overall retention, 70 percent increase in new hire retention, and 25 percent increase in Metro Customer Service Score. In addition,90 percent of managers surveyed reported First Transit to be “a more engaged workplace.”

Randy Hendrickson, General Manager, First Transit, says, “By building a culture of belonging, employees feel more at home in the workplace emotionally and culturally and they’re more likely to stay. CreateINterest’s interactive approach to customer service training was precisely what we were looking for to increase employee engagement and morale.”

Powered by such success stories, CreateINterest makes a lasting impact on client learning journeys. In addition to the SADE-OLOGY management assessment, it focuses on developing budding leaders through its servant leadership assessment, which evaluates how well managers can serve team members, shape them as leaders, and in turn, create more star leaders.

CreateINterest also brings its coaching assessment programs for leaders who are good managers but need to learn how to be coaches. “Our clients’ expectations and requirements shape our offerings and drive us forward,” Solis says.

Driving continual business success, CreateINterest is planning on providing online refresher courses for 90 days from the day of training completion so that learners can revisit the training curriculum and brush up on their lessons. These refresher courses feature videos, which provide supplementary support to reinforce training and development. With the core values of entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, integrity, and determination embedded in its offerings, CreateINterest is well-positioned to deliver real, sustainable results.


Why schedule a CreateINterest training? Because CreateINterest is truly the best training company that transforms mangers to produce.


What is the price for the training? Onsite training begins for as little as $99 per person with groups of 20 or more.


How many signature training areas does CreateINterest teaches? 8 signature areas with over 50 training workshops.


Does CreateINterest identify skill gaps in managers?  Yes CreateINterest eliminates skill gaps to become more productive.


Does CreateINterest customizes its training? Yes, CreateINterest will create your own customized training to meet your organization’s future training and development needs.  We identify manager’s skill gaps, and build interpersonal management skill to make them effective leaders, managers and coaches.


What kind of training workshops do you offer? CreateINterest offers highly interactive workshops to improve customer service, employee retention, business growth and reinvestment.


Who does CreateINterest train and develop? CreateINterest trains and develops key team members in fast growing organizations to establish a clear vision with goals and strategies to align, develop and create effective execution.


Is CreateINterest readily available? Yes, CreateINterest can develop just-in-time training that can inspire immediate behavior change and energizes morale and efficiencies.


Does CreateINterest guarantee its training to change behavior? Yes, CreateINterest has a 100% satisfaction guarantee if training is instituted from the CEO down in a cascading learning and application.


What are the benefits of CreateINterest? It minimizes downtime and resolves manager ineffectiveness and employee task confusion. CreateINterest offers 8 Signature development areas with over 50 training workshop topics to meet specific business needs and organizational goals.


What type of compliance training is offered? CreateINterest offers Hazard Material Training, Safety Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and Crucial Conversation Training.


What kind of reviews has CreateINterest has received? Actually, over 90% of organizations who have partnered with CreateINterest have reported more loyal customers, greater employee retention, higher productive performance, more sales growth, and greater profit.


How does CreateINterest compare to other training companies? Unlike other training companies, CreateINterest has a learning methodology that is effective at making training practical and memorable. Its capabilities are remarkable. The learning methodology is called TREAT (Task driven training, Reflective on the lesson, Experiential learning by doing, Applicable learning to the job, and Tested for proficiency). In addition, its management model is SADE. 

SADE helps teams drive what matters in their company to its success. The first step to knowing what matters is clarifying your SADE’s goals, strategies, alignments, development, and key execution. This is a very proven and effective management system.

How many managers have benefited from SADE? More than 9,000 learners have benefited from our training.

What is the average class size? 12 participants average class size.

What is CreateINterest business growth? 80% client increase over the last 2 years.

What is CreateINterest learning satisfaction approval rating? A+, 96%.

How many workshops are available? More than 50 workshops are available.

Does CreateINterest has online training?  CreateINterest offers online training that is powered by FreeFuse. Our competency-based training is meticulously crafted to address the distinctive challenges faced by leaders at every level, ensuring a tailored approach to elevate your team’s collective leadership competency. Our training is reinforced by FreeFuse, an interactive platform that enables us to take our leadership development and transform it into an engaging online training program. This means your team can engage with content that is most relevant to them, enhancing their learning experience and driving better results. With FreeFuse, we can track and keep your team members accountable for their learning.


How many clients use CreateINterest and return for more training? 93% of clients signed up for more workshops.


What is the saving of using CreateINterest to do our training? CreateINterest is 1/5 of the cost of any corporate internal training.


What do CreateINterest report after training their managers?  90% of organizations report higher team performance through using SADE system.


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