CreateINterest has crafted a unique selling opportunity for business partners, network alliances, and association clients. This opportunity empowers them to promote and sell our flagship product, SADE Leadership Operational Training, while retaining a 20% share of the revenue. The SADE Leadership Operational Model Program is a comprehensive 6–9-month initiative designed to assist clients in enhancing their businesses. Historical data suggests that when implemented correctly, with accountability flowing from the top, businesses can achieve an additional 18–20% growth due to the enhanced skills it instills in participants. SADE Training brings out the best to improve managers’ effectiveness in leading, managing, and coaching their workforce.

Moises Solis can introduce these concepts in a keynote sales call, setting the stage for you to follow up and close the deal. Additionally, we provide customized follow-up emails tailored to your organization. These emails may include a video featuring Moises alongside your CEO or President. The SADE Operational Training program is priced at $15,000, with your commission standing at $3,000. This partnership not only enables your association to make a substantial profit but also provides your partners with the innovative and exciting training content they seek to grow their business. To create a tailored campaign for your organization, we encourage you to speak with one of our account executives today.


Moises Solis – Founder and CEO

Moises Solis is the founder and brand boss of CreateINterest, specializing in organizational training performance. He has held roles as the Chairman of the Board for Empresarios Latinos of Houston and being a mentor for Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Houston. Moises is author of the innovative books, The SADE Operational Model, Getting on Board the SADE Model, Putting the SADE Model to Work, and Front and Upward Thinking, He is a career coach and skill trainer with over 21 years of experience in working for fortune 500 corporations in sales and management.

Throughout Moises’ career, he realized that his greatest impact on organizations is to help guide career minded professionals to build enduring results – the kind that creates increased credibility, influence, and bottom-line results. Moises’ training and coaching career now benefits many individual clients, group associations and businesses. He is frequently sought as a training specialist and productivity coach, as well as a speaker. His uncanny sense of picking up behavioral traits from successful professionals has benefited many. His audiences often say that Moises has great ability to translate complex concepts into a step-by-step framework – suitable to those who want practical ideas on creating meaningful professional brand-differentiation and bottom-line results.

It is rare to find a coach, speaker, and skill trainer like Moises, who blends passion with smart experiential practice and intelligent articulation of how to get things done.


Michael Allen – Vice President of Training Operations

Michael Allen joined CreateINterest in 2020. With over 15 years of organizational leadership and management experience. His love for people and their development is what drove Michael to join the CreateINterest team. Michael’s expertise is in organizational development and agile methodology help organizations see and understand their potential within and in the marketplace. His past roles include chief executive officer, chief operating officer, senior consultant, and congressional candidate. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.


Carol Clemente – Director of Process Improvement

Carol Clemente is a dedicated and passionate implementer and facilitator of continuous improvement methodologies. She became a part of CreateINterest in 2018, aiming to enhance the team’s capabilities in process management. Carol is instrumental in delivering resources and process optimization for our clients, leveraging her strengths in simplifying complexity into opportunities for synergy and organizational integration. Her exceptional teamwork is characterized by the use of rigorous logic and methods to create process improvements and conduct operational risk analysis.


Scott Creger, Regional Market Vice President

Scott is a results-driven learning and development professional specializing in a diverse range of employee development training strategies. With over 15 years of experience in leadership, sales, customer service, and people management, Scott boasts a distinguished track record in acquiring new business, account management, and fostering successful client relations.

A proud member of the Association of Talent Development and an ATD Certified Trainer, Scott has excelled as a training specialist. His career is marked by high-energy training facilitation that enhances employee skill sets and influences behaviors. He achieves this by identifying learning needs and crafting effective training strategies.

Scott distinguishes himself as a champion of change, utilizing root cause analysis to identify employee skills gaps. His innovative thinking is evident in the application of training materials and adult learning concepts. What sets Scott apart is his passion for discovering new opportunities and solutions. He looks beyond current practices, offering a unique perspective and proactively seeking new ways to improve processes, thereby boosting employee and organizational performance.

CreateINterest benefits significantly from Scott’s ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships. He takes his role as a learning and development professional personally, contributing to the organization’s success with his expertise and personal commitment.



Brianna Solis – Training Operations Manager

Brianna holds the role of Training Operations Manager of Products and Content at CreateINterest, overseeing brand content, marketing content, and training logistics. Her responsibilities encompass the strategic management of various facets crucial to the company’s operations.

Before joining CreateINterest, Brianna demonstrated her operational prowess as the Operational Manager at Wizchimp, a leading digital marketing and advertising agency. This experience equipped her with valuable insights into the dynamic realm of online marketing and further refined her managerial skills.

Brianna’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston, where she proudly graduated as a member of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. This educational background complements her practical experience, positioning Brianna as a well-rounded professional capable of steering the Training Operations division with a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset.


Brendy Ta – Account Manager
Brendy Ta, Joined CreateINterest in 2022 as an Account Manager. She serves as the vital link between customers and business stakeholders. Her primary responsibility is to address client inquiries and requests efficiently and effectively, aiming to build and fortify long-term partnerships.

Brendy initiated her career in the Oil & Gas industry, gaining valuable experience working across various teams as a Buyer and Business Analyst. Throughout this journey, she developed a specialization in identifying gaps within the business. Her approach involves maintaining strong relationships to ensure optimal resource utilization and streamline process inefficiencies.

Brendy’s academic background includes the completion of her undergraduate degree at the University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, accompanied by locally recognized certificates in Strategic Sourcing, Advanced Analytics, and Energy Supply Management. This educational foundation enhances her ability to contribute effectively to her role as an Account Manager.


Hilda Solis – Client Relationship Manager

As a Client Relationship Manager at CreateINterest, Hilda plays a pivotal role in nurturing and sustaining positive connections between the company and its clients. In her professional capacity, she is tasked with effectively managing client relationships, comprehending their needs, and ensuring their satisfaction with the products or services offered. Hilda serves as a crucial liaison between clients and the business, adeptly addressing concerns, resolving issues, and facilitating communication.

Her commitment extends beyond immediate problem-solving; Hilda focuses on cultivating enduring, mutually beneficial relationships that contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of both clients and the organization.


John Brooks – Sales Representative
John Brooks became a Sales Representative at CreateINterest in 2022. His role involves leveraging his exceptional ability to cultivate enduring relationships, making him a valuable asset for the organization. John approaches his position as a Sales Representative with a personal commitment to learning, contributing significantly to CreateINterest’s success through his expertise and dedicated efforts.


Rosie Mendoza – Senior Sales Representative
Rosie Mendoza assumed the role of Senior Sales Representative at CreateINterest in 2020. In this capacity, her responsibilities include harnessing her exceptional talent for cultivating enduring relationships with clients, underscoring her value as a crucial asset for the organization. Rosie approaches her role as a Sales Representative with a dedicated commitment to personal learning, making substantial contributions to CreateINterest’s success through her expertise and unwavering efforts.


Norman Ritchi – Sales Representative

Norman who joined CreateINterest in 2023 as a Sales Representative, embodies energy and dynamism in his role. With a fervent desire for success, Norman approaches his position with a blend of creativity and innovation. His contributions to CreateINterest’s success are marked by his expertise and unwavering dedication, making him an instrumental force within the organization.


Dzyan Cortes – Director of Operations, Mexico
In his capacity as the Director of Training Operations for CreateINterest in Mexico, Dzyan Cortes assumes a pivotal role in spearheading the implementation and development of operational processes, adeptly managing commercial contracts, and diligently overseeing corporate services within the Mexican market. Backed by a demonstrable track record in effective leadership, meticulous team development, and exemplary client service, Dzyan takes the helm in driving initiatives to not only establish but also sustain enduring business relationships that cater to a wide spectrum of training requirements.