Scott Creger

Regional Vice President - Dallas District

Scott, a seasoned professional in learning and development with over 17 years of expertise in leadership, sales, customer service, and people management, is a top-notch training specialist. He joined CreateINterest in 2018 with the goal of enhancing the team’s coaching capabilities and facilitating training process management. Scott leads dynamic sessions that improve employee skills and behaviors by identifying learning needs and creating effective training strategies.

Recognized for his coaching skills, Scott is a change advocate, using root cause analysis to identify employee skills gaps. His innovative approach is evident in the application of training materials and adult learning concepts. What sets Scott apart is his passion for discovering new opportunities and solutions. He goes beyond current practices, offering a fresh perspective and actively seeking ways to enhance processes, thereby improving employee and organizational performance.

CreateINterest gains substantial advantages from Scott’s expertise in coaching and facilitating, particularly in the establishment of enduring relationships.